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Friday, February 17, 2006

Recycled Sari Silk Purse w/ Bells

This is my original design. When I saw this Recycled Silk in the www.woolconnection.com catalog, I envisioned a purse w/ a black lining. I wasn't satisfied until I added the bells. Had to search and search, but I'm glad I found them at Sanctuary Crystals in Alsip, IL. I'm considering submitting to the 2007 CPAD calendar. I need to write it all out and check it, etc. If I get it proofread and (hopefully) tested....I'll submit for sure. Thanks for looking. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Scrap Flower Afghan (Twin Size)

With money being tight after Christmas, family illness, and car repairs (Murphy's Law applies,) This is what a pulled together for my 2.5 yr old daughter. She has been in a toddler bed for some time now and will graduate to a twin in the next year or so. Thought I'd better get it done now. :)

The main square w/ 3-D flowers is from the Red Heart Victorian Images Article J.12, Book 360 C1991. I skipped the puffs along the edges to save on yarn and used the Flat Braid Joining Method by Priscilla Hewitt.http://members.aol.com/lffunt/flatbraid.htm And did a simple alternating sc, ch1 border for 4 rounds and finished in a reverse single crochet.

Needless to say, she is very happy to have her own blankie.