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Saturday, September 23, 2006

RAOK - Thank You...to two beautiful angels...

I wanted to say a big thank you to two angels on Fiber Freaks. We were chatting one night when I couldn't sleep at midnight CST. We were discussing swaps and what projects they each had completed. I relayed the story of how one of my swaps went "not as perscribed", how I was "off" the whole idea of swaps and they promptly had ideas...it felt like they were birthday shopping...questions about colors liked, yarn types, etc.

First Thank You goes to CrochetQueen06...she was the "bursting box yarn angel!" Have you ever wondered how much yarn you can cram into a 9"x 5"x4" box...take a look. She took pity on my pitiful yarn stash and sent: 2 Frenzy in a red blend, 2 other Frenzy in a peach, three "spools" of chenelle (sp) in green and two suede like colors, a purple blend that I can't quite place the type, 4 Intringue ladders (2 white/2 red,blue, gold varigated), 2 satin-like "cording," 2 Luce knitting yarn. The box was bursting at the seams...literally. I only have one question for ya Vicki: Who sat on the box while you taped it? ;)

Second Thank You goes to JacquiW (I think that's her screen name)...she was the "Aussie angel"...she sent an Austrailian animal book/magazine for dd, an Austrailian note pad w/ Koala on the front, window decals of platypus (on sliding kitchen door already,) three types of sweets (which have already been devoured by dd,) a postcard of her hometown, and a really super soft, fuzzy, silky, shiny ball of yarn made in Australia. It went straight to my face....Soooooo smooth!

I think I got everything! A huge thank you to both of you! It really made me feel good and dd has already decided that she wants an Southern Forest Dragon and a Rainbow Loorikeet for her Christmas present!

Thank you ever so much for aiding my addiction to yarn and making me feel special!


Blogger Deneen said...

How wonderful for you. Vicki and Jacqui are both very generous and thoughtful.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Deneen said...

Wow-what a great selection of yarn and some nice gifts.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Pearlin said...

wow Lovely Roak !!!!So thoughtful of your friends

9:55 AM  

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